NEW DEVELOPMENT 2024 | Triumph Tiger 1200 GT

REMUS Sport Exhaust Triumph Tiger 1200 GT

Bike and engine specification:

for Triumph, Tiger 1200 GT from MY 2023 => ORDER NOW!



  • Full Exhaust Set consisting of our legendary REMUS NXT
  • Available in stainless steel matt or black
  • Perfectly tuned sporty REMUS sound
  • Performance and torque increase
    (up to +3.6 HP +3.7 Nm)
  • Light weight construction
  • Made in Austria
  • You decide: EC approval Exhaust or RACING version
  • Delivery with week 25 / 2024

Discover the Adventure Potential of Your Triumph Tiger 1200 GT with our REMUS NXT Exhaust

The Triumph Tiger 1200 GT is a powerful beast of a machine, a true globetrotter built for conquering any terrain. But even the most magnificent beasts can benefit from a little extra roar. That's where the REMUS NXT exhaust comes in, the perfect upgrade to awaken the full potential of your Tiger's spirit.

Unleash the Symphony: 

The stock exhaust on the Tiger might hold back the true song of your 1200cc engine. Our legendary NXT exhaust liberates that captivating sound, producing a deeper, richer exhaust note that intensifies with acceleration. It's a throaty growl that promises adventure and lets the world know you've arrived.

Performance Unleashed:

The REMUS NXT isn't just about sound - it's about performance too. The meticulously engineered design optimizes exhaust flow, allowing your Tiger to breathe easier and perform at its peak. Expect sharper throttle response, improved torque, and a more exhilarating riding experience.

Built to Last, Built to Explore:

Our NXT is crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant materials, ensuring exceptional durability on any journey you take your Tiger on. The sleek stainless steel or black finish adds a touch of rugged sophistication to your motorcycle's aesthetics. You decide which one fits your style the best.

A Perfect Match for Your Tiger:

We did our best to get the maximum out of your Tiger 1200 GT, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless installation. No complicated modifications are needed, so you can be back on the road in no time, the intoxicating sound of your upgraded Tiger echoing through the canyons.

More Than Just an Exhaust:

Treat yourself with an investment in your riding experience. It's a statement piece that reflects your adventurous spirit and appreciation for quality engineering. It's the missing piece that unlocks the full potential of your Triumph Tiger 1200 GT, transforming it into the ultimate explorer companion.


Ready to get started?

Visit your trusted Exhaust-dealer or browse our REMUS webshop and order online to find the best exhaust-system for your beloved Triumph and unleash the full potential with our NXT.