ESC Catback Powerizer Responder SCA

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REMUS Powerizer - more power, more economy and more fun!


The electronics of the REMUS Powerizer enhances in real time the engine management parameter. The engine mapping is optimized in excess of 1000 times per second and ensures for a considerable and noticeable power increase. The engine safety parameters and management remains totally original to ensure that individual engine components are not overstrained. Furthermore, the original mapping software remains totally untouched.

Due to the Plug & Play concept, the REMUS Powerizer is simple to install and can be easily removed or decommissioned using the supplied blind connector. Due to the torque increase, the engine has more power at lower RPM which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. The power increase of the engine can be adjusted according to different driving styles by means of a „maximum power setting“, „eco fuel saving mode“ or a combination of both. The REMUS Powerizer is available for over 3000 petrol and diesel powered cars.


  • Up to 25% more power
  • Up to 20% more torque
  • Easy installation and removal (Plug & Play)
  • Up to 1l/100 km fuel saving
  • 3 preset programs (RACE/SPORT/ECO) with inividual power adjustment

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