The Remus Story

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A Story of Success Starts

A combination of team-spirit, experience, technical knowledge, first-class equipment with ultra-modern development and production facilities are the basis of Remus' recipe for success.


The Remus story begins in September with just five employees. Just one month later, situated in the green countryside of Barnbach, the first spade of turf was turned over for the Remus building.

In a record time of six months, a fully functional factory building with integrated development, production, administration and warehousing was up and running.


By the Spring of 1991, Remus had forty employees and by the end of the year over sixty employees along with new business in Japan and Singapore.


The next expansion of the Remus premises began, creating further jobs and establishing Remus as a true global player in the industry, with ventures into the markets of the USA and South East Asia.

After only five years and with a work force of around 300 employees, Remus became the market leading manufacturer of sport exhausts. The wolf has left its tracks in more than 30 countries all around the world.


In the Summer a new factory was opened to cope with the increasing demand for Remus exhaust systems amongst a growing motorcycle market.


Spring 2002 and a new ultra-modern R&D department was built and the number of employees increased to over 600 people.

The decision was made to further invest in development and production as well as establishing Remus as a worldwide market leader.

In the future, innovative products bearing the distinctive Remus wolf head trademark will be a guarantee for Remus' pole position amongst manufacturers of sports exhausts.


REMUS celebrates 20 years of sound, design and power. The Austrian company is world-market leader for sport exhausts and sells their products in more than 60 countries worldwide