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Remus Sports Label

Wolf Inside

Sportive, cunning, precise and powerful - the new Wolf shines full of energy with an aggressive racing SOUND, new DESIGN and an extra dosage of POWER. The REMUS Wolf appears in a complete shot blasted surface finish featuring flow-optimized internals in 100% stainless steel. Each exhaust has specifically tuned geometries and internals to match different engine specifications. This ensures for a high performance exhaust for sportive drivers who demand premium quality and maximum power increase.

  • Aggressive racing sound
  • Shot blasted surface, 100% stainless steel
  • Perfect shape and fitment
  • 2 Year warranty*
  • Selectable tailpipes to suit your own vehicle and taste
  • Tailpipes adjustable in angle and length
  • Handmade in Austria

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Sports Label

The dynamics of car racing perfectly adapted to the needs of everyday life. The Remus Sports Label with numerous products that have one thing in common: 3 Year warranty and the hottest sound ever heard.
A perfect match for each vehicle, easily fitted to the factory mounting points and built from 100% high qualitiy stainless steel.

No matter which Remus model you choose, you get the hot sound of the number 1 on the world market.

  • Extensive manufacturing process - made from stainless steel throughout
  • Performance increase from a reduction in back pressure by up to 80%
  • TÜV Approved
  • 2 Year warranty*
  • Stainless steel tail pipes, highly polished and chromed
  • Installed using factory mounting points
  • Individual and specific matching for each vehicle

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Hot sound on the road, sheer lunacy on the racing track. The Remus PowerSound system allows tuning the vehicle according to its specific purpose.

The legendary Remus sound impresses on public roads, the adjustable valve provides an additional kick on racing tracks.
Available for different types of vehicles in left or left/right versions with interchangeable tail pipes, the PowerSound System fascinates not only in appearance but also in acoustics.

  • Variable power and tuneable sound
  • Free flowing sound and power
  • Extensive tailpipe designs in left or left/right versions
  • Changeable tailpipes
  • Two or four tailpipes versions in Stainless Steel or Carbon
  • TÜV Approved

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Wild Label

  • Polished stainless steel
  • TUV Approved (with sound insert)
  • 2 Year warranty*

Young, wild, and hot ... the Remus Wild Label makes you really experience the freedom of the road. The dynamics and the sound of the Wild Label give you the ultimate kick beyond convention.
Remus innovation provides the answer to questions that have not even been asked by most of us, but one thing remains certain: When it gets dark in the world's major cities, is time to run with the pack!

Join the Wild Pack with the Remus Wild Label.

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*2 Year warranty applies to original purchaser and is non-transferable, proof of purchase required.